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Boss Birthday Messages

Joy and Happiness
Best Wishes and Cheers
Happy Birthday Boss
All the best throughout the year! 


It’s not often I express
How very happy that I am
To have such a wonderful Boss
Who is also a friend
Best of Wishes on your Birthday! 


Thanks for the inspiration and motivation
Thanks for the encouragement too
The Best of Birthday Wishes
And continued Success in all you do! 


Yes you’re my Boss
Yes I work for you
Yes I am fortunate
To have a Boss like you
Many Happy Wishes on your Birthday! 


Let the GOD decorate each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching u with wishes of Success, Happiness  and prosperity 4 U,

 Wish you a super duper happy birthday.


It takes much to be a boss who cares,
You were and always will stay to be one.
Good times and learnings,
bad times and strivings,
we have been there,
we have done that.
and now that I look back,
All looks Good, all looks Nice!
Thanks for the time,
Thanks for the care.
May you get all,
all that you gave,
in folds and in multiples.
I wish you again a Happy Birthday!


“Step by step the journey goes
Little by little it may seem so long
Forget about your past, you can't change it,
Forget about the future, you can't predict it,
Just think about the present, you can handle it.
Happy birthday Sir/Madam!”


I pray this birthday,
Will warm your heart
And may God's warmth
Not ever depart
For all year round
And years ahead
Wish you a blissful birthday!”